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Repair / Overhaul Procedures  

All repairs are completed using heat, pressure and adhesive to bond new fabric to the fuel cell. Hartwig Aircraft Fuel Cell Repair follows the repair and overhaul procedures set forth by the leading fuel cell manufacturers (Aerazur, Aero-Tech, Amfuel, E.F.C., FFC, Firestone, Goodyear, IMI Marston, FPT Industries, Uniroyal) and the U.S. Air Force and U.S. Naval Air Command Repair and Technical Fuel Cell Repair Manuals.

At Hartwig Aircraft Fuel Cell Repair we do not just repair the leaks. We go through the entire fuel cell. Any problems or areas that need attention (although it may not be leaking) will be suggested to be repaired to guarantee the continued use of the fuel cell. This attention to detail is the reason Hartwig Aircraft Fuel Cell Repair gives all repaired / remanufactured fuel cells a 5 year warranty on our repairs, and Unconditionally Guarantee the entire fuel cell for 2 years.

We also do warranty repairs for the original manufacturers that do not void the fuel cell's original warranty.

Repair / Overhaul Costs 

Hartwig Aircraft Fuel Cell Repair charges $40.00 U.S. Funds per hour plus materials to a quoted or the listed price. You are charged for the work that is performed and material used, that's all. The cost is determined by the condition of each fuel cell and the time and materials needed to restore the fuel cell to service.

Hartwig Aircraft Fuel Cell Repair phones or faxes all customers before we initiate repairs. You're told the condition of the fuel cell, the cost to restore and return the fuel cell to service and the time in shop to accomplish what is needed. We will not proceed until we receive the faxed release, or verbal go ahead to do so.

New Fuel Cells

Hartwig Aircraft Fuel Cell Repair can supply you with new STC, PMA and TC fuel cells for most aircraft. We can also supply you with custom-made cells for new, old or special applications for aircraft, race cars, boats and storage bladders.

Quality Assurance

Hartwig Aircraft Fuel Cell Repair committment to EXCELLENCE, and our servicing of fuel cell from customers around the world is the reason we have embraced a quality program with International Standards. Hartwig Aircraft Fuel Cell Repair's quality program was developed to meet the custom nature of our business and specific requirements of ISO 9002-87.

* Hartwig Aircraft Fuel Cell Repair follows the FAA / TCA Approved Parts Philosophy.
* Hartwig Aircraft Fuel Cell Repair is a member of the Aviation Small-Business Drug-Testing Compliance Consortium. 

Bilateral Airworthiness Agreements

Hartwig Aircraft Fuel Cell Repair has the benefit of it being based in Canada as well as the United States. The reason this is a benefit for you is the Bilateral Airworthiness Manitenance Agreements Canada has with other countries dealing with us, which cuts down on your paperwork. The countries with reciprocal Bilateral Airworthiness Agreements are:

* United States of America
* United Kingdom
* Netherlands
* Germany
* France
* Italy 

About us 

Hartwig Aircraft Fuel Cell Repair started in 1952 as a one man operation doing all phases of aircraft repair. Ranging from changing tires, metal and fabric work, complete engine overhauls and the repair and restoration of fuel cells.

The fuel cell repair and restoration portion of the business grew until Hartwig Aircraft Fuel Cell Repair stopped doing complete aircraft repairs and overhauls, and specializing solely in the repairing and restoration of aircraft fuel cells. Hartwig Aircraft Fuel Cell Repair's continued growth and success have been primarily due to our HIGH QUALITY Service and our COMMITTMENT to EXCELLENCE.

Hartwig Aircraft Fuel Cell Repair is stilled owned and operated by the original family that started it in 1952. We also offers Monarch Premium Caps.


Hartwig Aircraft Fuel Cell Repair

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Canadian Facility

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